50+ staffing services contracts with Public & Private sector Agencies.

Contingent staffing is core to our DNA. We have provided contingent staffing services to over 200 commercial and government clients across the US. We handle most of the categories including IT, Administrative, Clerical, Accounting, Engineering, Financial, Marketing, Healthcare, Clinical & Scientific.

We’ve been providing payroll services for more than 8 years and provide customized solutions to our clients. From providing simple payroll services to any value added solutions, we will work with you and develop customized solutions to align with your organization’s strategy. This will help in meeting your business goals.

When you are managing your own project but need multiple resources to augment your team, leverage our SOW service. We will bundle the right combination of resources for the duration you need and provide them on a bundled T&M basis. They work only under your direction and are an extension of your team.

We assist organizations in identifying, recruiting and hiring exceptional talent for permanent positions. Our expert team quickly understands your hiring goals and pipelines talent that match up on hard and soft skills that are vital to you. We assist during the entire hiring process including detailed background checks prior to on-boarding.

Emerging Talent & Diversity Hiring/Spend Aggregation: Within the past few years we have developed a good practice in hiring and creating workforce by continuous training, upskilling and certifying talents in order to fill-in any gaps in any market or skillset. We have trained and certified (through our Technology partners) over thousands of resources in Java, Networking, Quality, AI, UI, Technicians, developers and placed over multiple projects at our client sites.

TSC has also has been working with our clients extensively in meeting their diversity spend or hiring goals by partnering with various institutions and Vet hiring and disadvantaged minority hiring programs and ensuring a successful diversity hiring reporting by end of each quarter.

As a Master Supplier or Vendor on Premise, we will take on the entire responsibility of fulfilling your contingent labor needs. We will manage requirement allocation, efficient fulfillment, timesheets management, invoicing and payment with all your second tier suppliers. We can also help with transitioning of contractors if required.